Saturday, 24 November 2007


Emily left The Bean today. She didn't leave for a new job or to leave the island or anything dull. She left to have a baby Emily and Neil. She left for the best reason in the world. This is my tribute to my bestest Bean Babe.

I can't remember the first time I ever met Emily. I bet she can't either. One thing I know for absolute certain is that we were both completely and utterly steaming and I am 99% sure that we were probably in the Live Lounge. And it was most likely August 2005. That was the first time I came to Jersey (well - as an adult, anyway). The first time I remember meeting her was on a very depressing day indeed. I was waiting at the airport for my flight back to Lancashire - my flight that was delayed for five hours. Emily was there with Bourgeois and some other girl who had missed her flight back to Wales. This was after Jersey Live 2005. Emily had blonde hair and she was getting in a sweat because Bourgeois and the other girl kept nicking her chips. But apart from that she was shy and quiet and probably very hungover. She also drove a little yellow mini. I thought that was cool. Cool beans.

After I moved to Jersey, Emily fast became very important to me. It was bloody hard work going out with a group of people who were all at least ten years younger than me. Emily was always pleased to see me - she always had a smile and a hug for me. That meant more than she probably knows. (I should point out at this stage that I am well aware that Emily is sticking her fingers down her throat right now if she is reading this).

It was when Emily starting working at The Bean that I really started to get to know her properly - it was probably the first time that we ever spoke to each other when we were both sober - when EITHER of us was sober. She can be a sassy bitch at times - and this often leads to her being misunderstood. There are times, I must admit, when I want to throttle her. But, actually, that's good because, in hindsight, my getting in a sweat about it makes me laugh.

So. Here is my definitive list of reasons why Emily is the bestest damn girl in the whole wide world.

1. She likes The Wizard of Oz. Hell - she even has a pair of ruby slippers and a quote from the film tattooed on her foot. You can't get much cooler than that.

2. If she thinks you look like shit she will tell you. And that IS a good thing because it means that, when she tells you that you look good, she really means it. And you know you look good.

3. Nobody - and I mean nobody - can cheer people up like Emily can. She doesn't always want to, but when she does, she does it brilliantly. I have seen our friend Nathalie have to run into the toilets because Emily made her laugh so much it made her mascara run.

4. She won't suffer fools at all. Piss her off and you know about it. Conversely, if you do something to make her happy then it's the most satisfying thing in the world because her face will light up and the room with fill up with love and warmth.

5. She really, truly and genuinely loves music. Not many girls love it as much as music obsessed boys do - she does and I like that because it totally gives the music geeks a run for their money. Her musical adventures includes Fix Up Look Sharp by Dizzy Rascal. She even has a dance for it. If that's not enough to make her your best friend, then nothing is.

6. She says "Hoof off!" When she says it, it makes my heart do a little joy leap.

7. There are times when we can communicate without even speaking. When we can start giggling like a couple of girls (as opposed to one girl and one homo) without even saying anything. We know what each other is thinking at those times. I call it our vibes.

So that's 7 things I love about our Emily. I could think of more, but there would be no point. Everyone who knows her knows Emily is not perfect, but they know why they love her. I'll miss working with her so much that it's a little bit scary. But I think she's going to be the best mutha in the world, with the cutest baby in the Universe.

And if she doesn't like this blog post she can hoof the fuck right off.

Good luck, Poo Poo.

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emily said...

oh my f u nearly made me do a tear, but not quite jimithy... u know me too well!! This does mean we could never fall out for real or we may destroy each other for ever and ever amen! thanks jimithon x x