Friday, 23 November 2007


Complete and utter juenile nonsense today - my favourite swear words in other languages.

Afrikaans - Diep in die kak (In deep shit)

Brazilian Portugese - Vai peidar na água pra ver se sai bolhinhas (Go fart in the water and make bubbles)

Mandarin Chinese - Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai (Fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors)

French - Sais-tu combien de temps ta mère prend pour chier? Neuf mois! (Do you know how much time your mother needs to take a shit? Nine months!)

Hebrew - Ya smark shel ez! (You piece of goat's spittle)

Italian - La tua madre puzza di pesce (Your mother smells of fish)

Japanese - Gokanma (Rape devil)

Icelandic - Ef ég myndi hitta þig úti á götu myndi ég skíta framan í þig (If I met you in the street I would shit on your face)

Lowland Scots - Ul wham yeh, yeh fuckin' wee basturt (I'll smash your face in, you fucking small bastard)

Portugese - Que se foda essa merda! Tô caindo fora! (Fuck this shit - I'm outta here)

Slovak - Vyser si oko (Shit your eye!)

Welsh - Cau Dy wyneb a Ffwcio dy ewyrth! (Shut your fucking face, Uncle fucker!)

Look out for some more constructive blogging soon!

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